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NUSKYNN Smart Touch 7 Color LED Face and Neck Spa Mask

NUSKYNN Smart Touch 7 Color LED Face and Neck Spa Mask

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NUSKYNN Smart Touch 7 Color LED Face and Neck Spa Mask

Great skin takes work - but this mask makes it so easy! And it does it with little downtime. It is a great one time investment.

This is a next level LED facial/neck mask featuring 504 high density LED lamps and 168 lamp positions. Better yet it is wireless!

Seven LED wavelength technology helps solve multiple skin problems that topical therapies simply can't do because they mostly sit on the epidermis. LED lights go deep into the skin and effect change in the dermal layer.

The 7 LED colors are:

Red (620-630nm) - provides deep skin rejuvenation, repairs wrinkles, tightens skin, improves skin texture.

Blue (465-475nm) - calms skin, decreases oil production, decreases inflammation and repairs skin, anti-microbial

Green (515-525nm) - decreases pigmentation, improves lymphatic drainage and swelling, reduces oil production

Yellow (565-590nm) - soothes skin, reduces skin hyperpigmentation, decreases skin redness

Purple (400-420nm) - great for treating acne and acne scars

Cyan (500-520nm) - increases cell metabolism and cell turnover, helps hyperpigmentation

White=Laser - increases cell turnover in the skin which improves abnormal pigmentation, helps improve fine lines and sagging skin.  Penetrates deep into the skin.

This mask has 7 colors but 8 color selections; the last which cycles though all 7 colors automatically. Each cycle lasts 25 minutes.

It has 5 different intensity levels per color. 

Get beautification effects on both the face and the neck in one mask piece. No need to deal with separate attachments.

Made from high quality ABS plastic that is non-toxic, odorless and durable.

Portable and USB rechargeable.

How to use: cleanse your face - apply a face mask or serum - put on your LED mask.

Charge time is 2 hours.

Size: 31.0 x 23.0 x 13.0 cm.



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