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REJUVEM LITE & GLOW 7 Colors LED Facial Mask - Special Edition

REJUVEM LITE & GLOW 7 Colors LED Facial Mask - Special Edition

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REJUVEM LITE & GLOW 7 Colors LED Facial Mask - Special Edition

This LED Mask uses 7 fold spectroscopy (IPL) technology.  This high tech rejuvenating beauty tool uses the principle of photodynamics to activate cells deep in the dermis to make skin to more youthful and radiant.  It does this by increasing collagen, elastin and the synthesis of epidermal growth factors while reducing acne-causing bacteria and blocking the formation of melanin and scarring.  LED Masks plays an important role in repairing aging skin, treats acne and blemishes, improves skin firmness and texture while diminishing scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Seven LED wavelength technology helps solve multiple skin problems that topical therapies simply can't do because they mostly sit on the epidermis.

The 7 LED colors are:

Red (630nm) - provides deep skin rejuvenation, repairs wrinkles, tightens skin, improves skin texture.

Blue (470nm) - calms skin, decreases oil production, decreases inflammation and repairs skin, anti-microbial

Green (520nm) - decreases pigmentation, improves lymphatic drainage and swelling, reduces oil production

Yellow (590nm) - soothes skin, reduces skin hyperpigmentation, decreases skin redness

Purple (Red and Blue) - great for treating acne and acne scars

Cyan (Blue and Green) - increases cell metabolism and cell turnover, helps hyperpigmentation

White=Laser - increases cell turnover in the skin which improves abnormal pigmentation, helps improve fine lines and sagging skin.  Penetrates deep into the skin.

 This device has an easy one touch ON button.

It has automatic power OFF with preset timer.  It is recommended that you use the mask between 15-30 minutes daily for best results.

 Made with medical silicone which is safe and durable. Has no harmful chemicals so safe for sensitive skin.

Is reusable making it better for the environment unlike the sheet masks that may contain harmful chemicals and end up in the landfills time and time again!

Portable and lightweight making it easy to use anywhere, and great for travel.


Voltage: 220, 5Hz

Weighs 700g
Measures 23 x 19.5 x 14 cm

USB Rechargeable.

Great 'skinvestment'! - Buy once and use it over and over and over again!

Is recyclable and environmentally friendly!

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