Collection Descriptions

Cleansing Tools

fit face starts with a clean face. No longer is it sufficient to use just soap and water or a cleanser with your hands to achieve a deep clean. Cleansing tools are the new wave of cleansers that ensure a thorough and deep cleanse of the skin and the removal of dirt and oil from your pores. The massaging and vibration features also help to tones the underlying face muscles to give you that lifted youthful appearance. Used daily, it can also help to import your expensive serums and moisturizers deep into the skin where they can be most effective and not just sit on the surface of the skin. So enjoy the process of a cleansing tool which feels like a facial and tones like the gym!




Toning Tools

Traditional meets High Tech. Eastern Gua Sha and Jade rollers have now been taken to the next level with new electric toning tools that are more effective at deeper levels. Youthful fit skin is never out of fashion. Derma rollers and microcurrent devices are the name of the game. Derma rollers provides a cool spa like experience as the smooth contouring power of quartz crystal increases lymphatic flow that helps to detoxify and cleanse the skin as well as stimulating the underlying muscles. Microcurrent devices use small vibrations in the skin layers to trigger strengthening of the skin muscles causing firming and toning for a more uplifted appearance. These devices do double duty by both toning and rejuvenating the skin. So up your beauty game by incorporating these tools which will also take your serums and skin care creams to the next level. Your skin will thank you!




Rejuvenating Tools

This is Hollywood's best kept secret. Anti-aging tools which I like to call rejuvenating tools because they can be used by anyone, young or old, take fitness of your skin to the very next level. These tools previously only used in expensive spas, clinics and doctor's offices are now available for home use. LED light therapy developed by NASA, uses UV light to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to reverse the signs of aging. Microneedling introduces micro punctures into the skin promoting rejuvenation. Specifically, they both increase collagen and elastin in the skin and increase skin product penetration (called "importation") to achieve skin that is supple yet firm. There is now no downtime and these tools are more affordable than multiple visits to a skin specialist. So, go ahead and reinvent the aging process!




Beauty Accessories

Let's put the fun back in beauty! Here you will find all sorts of cool and interesting items that you will want to keep for yourself or give as a gift to a special friend or loved one. My particular favorites are the colorful beauty blender sponges and the beauty organizers. Happy shopping!