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Vibrance 5 Color LED Soft Heating Rejuvenation Mask

Vibrance 5 Color LED Soft Heating Rejuvenation Mask

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Vibrance 5 Color LED Soft Heating Rejuvenation Mask

Skincare for the win! This LED mask brings the heat and brings your skin's glow to the next level. 

It uses HEAT plus LED light for supercharged results.

The heating function accelerates blood circulation, promotes metabolism, opens pores and enhances the absorption of topical skin care products by 90% when used with a face mask.

This mask uses LED technology that is now adopted into skincare for its multi-potential effect on improving everything from the texture, the tone and the youthfulness of the skin. It does this by using photon bio-modulation delivering bioactive light to deeper layers of the skin and activating cells to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin barrier.

The five color LED therapy options:

Red Light - promotes collagen, enhances elastin and fights wrinkles and aging skin.

Green Light - eliminates melanin and helps lighten unwanted dark spots.

Yellow Light - brightens skin tone and improves dullness.

Blue Lightdecreases inflammation, reduces redness, treats acne. It inhibits oil secretion and prevents acne breakouts.

Purple Light - helps remove acne marks and scars by accelerating the repair of the skin.

This lightweight, flexible and wireless LED mask conforms to the shape of your face.

There is very little downtime and no discomfort, making it an ideal adjunct to your beauty care.

Best used at least three to five times a week. Results can be seen in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Results will vary depending on skin type.

There are 3 heating functions: 38℃-40℃-42℃.

It has a power of 10W - stronger than other masks for better effect.

Mask is IPX7 waterproof and washable.

It has a 15 minute auto shut-off feature.

Mask is portable and USB rechargeable.

Use at home. work, gym or while traveling.


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