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BLUME Tourmaline Hot/Cold Gel Mask

BLUME Tourmaline Hot/Cold Gel Mask

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BLUME Tourmaline Hot/Cold Gel Mask

This mask takes your skincare to the next level!  It is double-sided and has dual temperature use.

Tourmaline found in the gel produces piezoelectric and thermoelectric effects and the magnetic fields of the magnets causes high frequency microvibrations in the skin to improve and repair facial cells; help promote blood circulation; tighten skin and facial muscles while brightening the skin.

It relieves facial stress, eye fatigue, eye bags and dark circles.

The mask is equipped with twenty 3D acupuncture massage magnets that help to decrease puffiness.

Made from natural materials, magnets, tourmaline and gel.

Perfect for all skin types.

Easy to use with adjustable extra-long form-fitting straps and ergonomically designed openings for the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

It is comfortable and breathable.

To use simply cool the mask in the fridge (20-30 minutes) for cold compression or heat with hot water (50-65 degrees C; 10 minutes) for hot compression.

Best results when used daily on a clean face and worn for 20 minutes.

Two colors to choose from: Pink and Red.

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