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NUSKYNN 1200 Bio Roller Microneedle Device

NUSKYNN 1200 Bio Roller Microneedle Device

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NUSKYNN 1200 Bio Roller Microneedle Device 

Roll your way to beautiful and more youthful skin and hair. 

This rejuvenating device is for use on the face, body and hair/scalp/beard. 

As you roll the device over your skin, it introduces 1000s of 'micropunctures' into the skin. Micropunctures trigger the production of collagen and elastin causing fine lines and wrinkles to diminish. It provides for firmer and tighter skin. It also provides multiple 'channels' that allows for better absorption of skincare topicals.

Large pores and blemishes fade as collagen plumps and smooths the skin. It helps to minimize stretch marks.

It can be used on the hairline, scalp or beard (in men) to stimulate hair growth by activating the hair follicle when used in conjunction with a hair serum.

Ideal for uneven tone and texture.

Use on clean skin and apply 'gentle pressure' with product on skin. 

Apply your favorite skin care serum and moisturizer after each use.

Sanitize product before and after use with alcohol. You can use the cap as a reservoir.

Choose from six different needle depths: 0.25mm; 0.5mm; 0.75mm, 1.0mm; 1.50mm and 2.00mm.

WARNING - if you have broken or inflamed skin, have abnormal scar formation or poor wound healing, do a small test area on your forearm first!

 Number of needles: 1200

Needle Material: Stainless Steel

Material: Plastic


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