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DERMAWAND Electrode Attachments (4 Pcs)

DERMAWAND Electrode Attachments (4 Pcs)

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DERMAWAND Electrode Attachments (4 Pcs)

To be used with the High Frequency Electrotherapy Beauty Wand.

High frequency electrotherapy helps to reverse the signs of aging, treat skin blemishes and promote more youthful skin.

These are replacement electrodes. They do not work without the beauty wand handle.

Electrodes are made of fiberglass.


There are four electrodes in the set that can be used on the face, body or hair:

*Mushroom electrode to treat broad areas

*Hook electrode for small targeted areas

*Spoon electrode for the under eye area

*Comb electrode for the scalp area and stimulates hair growth


Three color options:

* Red (Neon) - for anti-aging 

* Violet (Purple) - for acne-prone skin

* Blue - for both acne and anti-aging 


Product is recyclable.

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