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GLOWIE Massage Facial Silicone Cleanser

GLOWIE Massage Facial Silicone Cleanser

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GLOWIE Massage Facial Silicone Cleanser

What is better than a massage while you cleanse? Nothing!

This beauty device comes the ultimate clean while gently massaging the muscles of the face.

This silicone cleansing brush is made of high-quality silicone.

The front of the cleansing brush features soft bristles that clean even the smallest areas of the face.

The back of the cleansing brush is designed with ripples that offer a 'pulse' massage and helps with nutrient absorption.

The device has a U-shaped sonic metal head at the bottom that deeply messages the skin and can be used alone as a'gua sha' shaping instrument.

It has a speed of 6000 bpm.

It has 3 gears that provide high frequency vibrations that deeply cleans pores and removes hidden dirt.

It is USB rechargeable.

Two colors: Pink and Blue.




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