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GLOWTONE Microcurrent Duo Facial Mask

GLOWTONE Microcurrent Duo Facial Mask

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GLOWTONE Microcurrent Duo Facial Mask

Soft Silicone Electronic Facial Mask and Toner. 

Turn your traditional facial mask into a 'Super Mask' with the patented power of EMS Technology and Microcurrent Toning.

No more multistep skincare practices! Enjoy the benefit of two beauty techniques combined into one! Extend the time of beneficial Microcurrent toning from 2 minutes to 15 and get better results than handheld devices.

Use it with your traditional mask to power up the effects.  Traditional facial masking allows limited absorption of nutrients which end up sitting in the epidermal surface of the skin. The EMS feature helps to import skincare nutrients deeper into the skin's dermal layer, reduces moisture evaporation keeping skin hydrated, stimulates blood circulation, promotes collagen synthesis, reduces puffiness and strengthens the skin's barrier.

Helps improve product absorption while also stimulating the underlying facial muscle adding the powerful effect of firming and toning.

The EMS current is distributed evenly in the mask for optimum effect.

Portable and reusable, so safer for the environment.

Can be used with or without the traditional facial mask.  Without means you now have an effective Microcurrent device that covers your entire face.

It is easy to wear with a comfortable ear hoop detail.

Has 3 treatment modes (warm, cold and vibration massage) and 10 levels of intensity.

Features dual hand-free and remote control.

It takes just 15 minutes a day to rejuvenate your skin to a youthful glow.

Rechargeable with USB.

Made of non-toxic material.

Product is recyclable.

Two color options: White or Black.




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