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LUMABOOST Red LED Lip Plumper Device

LUMABOOST Red LED Lip Plumper Device

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LUMABOOST Red LED Lip Plumper Device

 Plump and full are the name of the game. Sometimes bigger is better!

 Red LED light functions to improve the appearance of your lips by increasing blood circulation, stimulating elastin and collagen production and fading abnormal discolorations.

Your lips will be plumper, soft and fuller. There will be less fine lines and wrinkles giving you that youthful appearance without the need for painful injections.

 It has 48 red lamp beads.

Use for only 3 minutes a day for results.

Has a rechargeable battery.

Four colors to choose from: White, Purple, Blue and Red.

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Each kit has two mouth guards.

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