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MILA Double Sided LED Makeup Mirror and Lamp

MILA Double Sided LED Makeup Mirror and Lamp

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MILA Double Sided LED Makeup Mirror and LampNever mess up your makeup again!  Perfect magnification and lighting are key - and this has both!

This double sided magnifying mirror is equipped with ultra-reflective, distortion-free optical glass - 1X magnification offers a full face view while the 10X view can be used for closer, more detailed work.

It has a 360 degree swivel that allows you to flip the mirror to quickly access both magnifications. In the 180 degree position, it can function as a lamp!

The infinite variability of brightness allows you to dim or brighten using a touch-activated slider (0-1100 Lux) so you choose the brightness that suits you.

This mirror is double-sided with 1X and 10X magnification.

Made of ABS durable plastic  and glass.

Winner of the 2021 German Design Award IF for its perfect size, wide-angle view, modern and simple style and patented light guide.

Has energy saving design with auto-off feature after 30 minutes of use.

Mirror is cordless and portable suitable for home, office and travel.

It has 17H of continuous light on low brightness and 10H of continuous light on medium brightness per charge.

It is USB Rechargeable.


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