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IFIRMA DUO Microcurrent and LED Eye Lifting Device

IFIRMA DUO Microcurrent and LED Eye Lifting Device

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IFIRMA DUO Microcurrent and LED Eye Lifting  Device

Eyeing the future YOU with confidence. Power up your eye patch and get rid of your eye baggage!

This little device uses two powerful modalities (Microcurrent and Infrared LED light) to improve the under eye area.  The first, uses EMS current to stimulate and strengthen the underlying muscles to tone, firm and lift the area to diminish the appearance of eye bags and skin sagging. The second utilizes LED photon therapy to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, decrease hyperpigmentation and add a firming effect. It does this by improving blood circulation and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis which has a rejuvenating effect.

Two modes: EMS Microcurrent (best used with a water based gel) and infrared LED light therapy.

Has a rechargeable battery

Treatment time is 10 minutes daily.  It has auto turn off after 10 minutes.

Choose from two colors: White and Pink.

Charges in 2 hours.  Working time: 2-5 hours

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